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Intervju sa George Farmerom
Interview with Chris Lukhaup
Intervju sa Diegom Sandovalom
Interview with Norbert Sabat
Interview with James Findley
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Članci: Intervjui na engleskom
Interview with Chris Lukhaup

Chris Lukhaup is the German aquarist, aquascaper, nature lover, a biologist, photographer, musician ... a man whose life is like a dream. Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, USA, Panama ... are just some of the countries where he went on an expedition. Enjoy our interview with him.

Interview with Cliff Hui

It's a great honor for HrAquascape, that we can present you an interview, with one of the best aquascapers in the world currently - Cliff Hui. In the last 5 years his remarkable aquascapes were ranked in top 5 places in most prestigious aquascaping competitions. Enjoy!

Interview with Dave Chow

It's a great honor for us, to make an interview with one of the world's best aquascapers. The man who has dictated aquascaping trends for years. The man who is placed every year in top 5 at major aquascaping competitions with his magnificent works. Enjoy our interview with CAU member, Dave Chow

Interview with Diego Sandoval

It's such a great honor for us, that such a great aquascaper like Diego Sandoval, has given us an interview. What else to say rather than to relax and enjoy answers and pictures of this great spanish aquascaper.

Interview with Enrico Serena

Enrico Serena is well known italian aquascaper who has achieved remarkable results at major aquascaping competitions. He was also a jury member of our first HAS Contest, so we took a chance and made an interview with him. Enjoy it!

Interview with George Farmer

George Farmer is one of the best British aquascapers with many fantastic scapes behind him. He is also one of the founders of UKAPS, the biggest aquascaping site in Great Britain. Exclusively for HrAquascape he answered questions about his aquascapes, photography and aquascaping in general. Enjoy.

Interview with Grégoire Wolinski

Grégoire Wolinski (aka Ceed) is a very talented aquascaper from France. His aquascapes and originality often leave people breathless, and we are so proud that he gave us an interview. Enjoy!

Interview with James Findley

Founder of The Green Machine James Findley, gave an exclusive interview for our site, in which he showed us his works and explained how it is when hobby transforms in bussiness. Enjoy!

Interview with Jordi Pelegrí

Aquascaper from Barcelona, Jordi Pelegrí (aka Pele) has a great site, where he interviewed many of the world famous aquascapers. He himself is also excellent aquascaper, so we interviewed him. Enjoy!

Interview with Justin Law

Justin Law from Hong Kong, was well known aquascaper, a member of the Creative Aquascaping Union, which later began to actively engage in photography, so we took the opportunity to ask him a couple questions about photography. Enjoy

Interview with Mark Evans

For Mark Evans (aka Saintly), aquascaper from England, we can not say whether he is a better photographer or aquascaper. His photos, scapes and presentation skills leaves you breathless. Only for HrAquascape he answered a few questions. Enjoy the interview!

Interview with Norbert Sabat

Norbert Sabat is well known aquascaper and photographer from Poland. Veteran hobbist, whose works inspired many aquascapers worldwide. We had the honor to interview him. Enjoy.

Interview with Oliver Knott

Another famous Aquascaping name, this time from Germany...original and creative aquarium designer Oliver Knott, gave an exclusive interview for Hraquascape. Enjoy!

Interview with Pasquale Buonpane

Pasquale Buonpane is phenomenal Italian aquascaper whose works often leave people breathless, as judges in competitions where he won numerous awards and colleagues aquascaper. Pasquale is also a lover of nature, hiking and biking, so this interview is a must read. Enjoy.

Interview with Renato Kuroki

Renato Kuroki is very talented Brazilian aquascaper who is getting excellent results on major aquascaping contests. In interview for our site he answered our questions and tried to bring closer his works and aquascaping philosophy. Enjoy!