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Članci Početna » Intervjui na engleskom » Interview with Jordi Pelegrí
Interview with Jordi Pelegrí

Could you tell us few words about yourself, a brief biography?

My name is Jordi Pelegrí, I have 33 years and live in Barcelona. I work in a dance school as a teacher and coordinator. I try to do in life what I like, so apart of my "official" work I dedicate my time to photography and aquascaping.

Do you have any other hobbys besides aquascaping?

I could say that my hobbies now coincide with my works. The dance, the photography or aquariums are my current passions and Works.

When and how did you got into the aquaristic hobby?

When I was a teenager I had an aquarium without much knowledge of what I did and of course without success in maintaining plant species. It was about 4 years ago when I got my first tank of my adult life and at that point I started to take up the hobby in a more conscious. Gradually I was experiencing and reading a lot about the possibilities of an aquarium and what caught my attention were the plants and landscaping.

Where do you find inspiration for your aquascapes?

I have not a single technique to find inspiration. Sometimes just looking at a landscape or a picture can emerge idea. Sometimes arises from a mixture of different aquariums or simply from an idea that pops into my head ..

How important do you think good filtration is? What filters do you use?

I think filtration is essential for creating balanced and long term aquascape. Besides creating the bacteriological colony, it is important that the filter is powerful enough to create water movement within the aquarium. In this way the nutrients are better distributed and prevent the occurrence of certain algae that like stagnant water. Besides, if we use glass pipes need power to function properly. I use to 60 liters 2x Eheim 2213. And to 270 liters one jbl 500 profi and one jbl 1000 profi.

Tell us something about the lights you use over your tanks.

I try to use the light that it’s best to the size of my aquarium. In 60 liters I use pll because in less space have more power than fluorescent. In 270 liters I use T5. Currently, the T5 is the kind of light that I prefer for this effectiveness and performance.

And substrates? Which is your favorite?

Actually I’m using ELOS products. ELOS terra, terra ELOS zero and bottom are excellent substrates. Allow minimum fertilizer because deliver enough nutrients to plants during the first months of installation.

What's your fertilizing regime?

I fertilize with ELOS plant 1 and plant 2 weekly . Once of them with the water change and the other in the midle of the week.

Do you have algae problems in your setups? How do you deal with that?

Many people think that the appearance of algae in the beginning of aquarium is normal, but it’s not true. If you use good products and know how to dispense light and nutrients properly, not need to appear. It is true that there is always the possibility that they appear because of an imbalance, if that happens should be noted that type of algae is and act accordingly.

Your tank photographies are awesome! How does your tank photosession look like? What gear do you use for photography?

Thank you very much. I currently use the Canon 7D, although most pictures above are taken with the Canon 450D. I normally take the pics with tokina 12-24 f4 lens, ashaving little space a wide angle lets you get closer to the aquarium. Depending on the size of the aquarium, the number of plants and type of fish, I use an external flash or just the acuarium light. I usually use backlight if that's the effect I intend to give the final picture.

Do you use a lot of PS post processing for your photographies?

I try to touch only the parameters needed for the picture resembles best the real aquarium. Usually corrects the white balance, contrast, and sharpness to look good framed.

What are your results in aquascaping competitions?

Some of them are:

IAPLC 2011 - 143 position

AGA 2010 - 3th in Palaudariums
AAC 2010 - 2nd mini tanks
IAPLC 2010 - 275 position

AAC 2009 - 2nd medium tanks

Your favorite aquascapers?

David Chow, Cliff Hui, Radek Bazac, Hector Baca ... I follow the work of many interesting landscapers. There are good people all over the world.

Plans for the future?

I will continue creating landscapes, learning, doing workshops and assemblies, while still enjoy this hobby.

Visit Jordi's site: Pele blog's.

Author: Luka Zanic

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