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Članci Početna » Intervjui na engleskom » Interview with Mark Evans
Interview with Mark Evans

Could you tell us a bit about yourself, a brief biography?

I'm 36 years old, married with a son of 5 years old, and my main occupation is in the building industry in the UK.

How did you got involved in aquascaping?

I first started in the Aquatic hobby about 5 years ago. My first aquarium was 60cm tank, to hold small carp. I like to go fishing, and wanted to study how carp feed to maybe improve my catch fish. Upon reading magazines and books, I discovered that plants can improve water quality, so I invested in my first ever plant; hygrophila polysperma. Luckily for me, this plant grew very well, and from this point I was hooked.

Where do you get your inspirations for your layouts?

As with 90% of hobbyist's, I get most of my inspiration from Takashi Amano. Recently, I've started to travel to areas of natural beauty here in the UK, to look at natural scenery and how scenes are formed.

Few technical questions:

You like to use MH light pretty high above the tank? How do you determine the height for thr MH lamp , with PAR meter? Do you aim for the high, medium or low light?

I've used MH lamps on a few 60cm aquariums now, and I've found plant growth to be far superior to any other lighting system...i.e. T5. I don't use any device such as a PAR meter, but rather my eyes, to determine plant health and any problems that may be arising. Usually, over a 60cm tank, I'll hang a 150w MH lamp about 60cm above the aquarium.

A few words about flow and filtration in your tanks?

Cheap and cheerful. I use the Aquadistri range of filters.

What is your substrate of choice?

I've used many over the last 3 or 4 years. More recently, I've resorted back to the ADA system, which, in my opinion, is the best on the market. My most recent tank uses, ADA powersand special and ADA amazonia.

About water column dosing: do you prefer lean or rich dosing? What fertilizers do you use? DIY or some brand?

I prefer to add a lot of ferts. Estimative Index (EI) has been my preferred method for sometime, but since doing a small project for Tropica, I'm now using TPN & TPN+ with some amazing results. I also use Easy carbo in setups which contain a lot of stems.

Are you using test kits for testing water? What are water parameters in your tanks (soft, hard water)?

(Laughs) I don't use test kits, to test aquarium water. It's just not needed. From my tap, my water (the last time I checked) was PH 7, KH 12 GH (not tested).

How much time do you spend on tank maintenance daily, weekly? Water changes, how often?

Start-up is the easy time for me. The first few months are usually hassle free. I'll maybe trim my plants once per 2 weeks, depending on the plant choice. However, with water changes, I can perform these as often as one per day for the first 2 weeks, and then diminish to 2 per week.

Are you dosing ferts right from the beginning or later?

Yes. I'll start to dose the tank from day one.

Do you ever have algae in your tank? How do you fight them?

From time to time, I'll encounter algae. My main issue in the last few aquariums that I have done has been Diatomic algae. As we all know it will go eventually, but it looks horrid in a new tank. Very rarely will I get other types of algae, but if my maintenance stops I will get algae. To eliminate these algae, water changes and a boost in co2 will solve the problem

Your photographies are well known to be excellent. What is your procedure when you photograph the tank? How much does it take to setup your gear, background, lights?

Many thanks. Photography is a major part for me. Without it, my enthusiasm would not be so big. For many shots, Mainly forum use, I'll just use tank lighting, but from time to time, I'll use 2 x 200w bowens flash units which i can setup in literally 2 minutes.

Do you use photoshop a lot?

Occasionally, I'll use it for resizing, the selective color tool, and curves.

What gear do you use for your photography?

I'm a canon user. I currently use the Canon 5d MK2. My most treasured lens is the Canon 135mmf2 L series. I also have a sigma wide angle lens (15-30mm) and the Canon 50mm f1.4.

Using ultra wide lens for a contest photo is criticized by some. What 's your opinion on using photography to enhance the illusion of depth of a scape?

To be honest, I don't see any problems with using ultra wide angle lenses. After all, photography is an art form. Which ever way the 'Artist' would like to see the final image is his decision. A wide angle lens won't make a badly designed tank look good, but a well designed tank will be flattered by a wide angle lens.

Message for our members?

Believe in this hobby as an 'Art form' and let your mind be free. Learn the basics...CO2, ferts and maintenance

Author: Luka Zanic

Objavio lp u 28.07.2011 14:15
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