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Članci Početna » Intervjui na engleskom » Interview with Oliver Knott
Interview with Oliver Knott

First, i would like to thank you for taking time to do this interview.

Could you tell us something about your beginings in the aquarium hobby, what did your first tank look like?

I start to work in 1989 learning and working in a Pet Store, with a training about 3 years. In this years I had my first possibilities to set up planted aquarium. My first tank i didn’t was near 23 years ago.

What inspired you to start making aquascapes?

For sure Takashi Amano inspire me with his amazing aquascapes in his first books. But few years before I saw his first aquascapes, I made my first experience with my own style aquascapes.

You have a company specialised in setting up and maintaining planted tanks, could you tell us a few words about it?

Beside aquascaping, we are specialist in training pet stores and aquarium stores from general manager till the normal stuff. Also my “very special” kind of work are workshops, presentation and live aquascaping. So it is a very different job.

How many tanks are you currently maintaining?

At the moment about 40 different tanks from 20 liter till 12.000 liter.

Do you sometimes have problems with your clients, strange requests, messing up with your setup, throwing in fish that mess up the HC carpet etc.?

Yes for sure that is normal. But I try to teach my clients and customer before what they should do or not. So I can avoid the most problems.

Your company also makes a product called ''Nature soil''. What sort of a soil is that?

This is an active aquarium ground, made of vulcan ash from a vulcan in South-Japan. It is 100% nature - lower KH and TH and the PH. Especially for planted aquariums and shrimp tank are very good product.

What is ''Aqua room''?

The AquaRoom is my office and a training center (100m² for aquascaping. For industry companies, wholesaler, retailer and normal customers. I teach and training interested people all about the aquarium business and hobby.

You have setup some realy big aquariums, the 10000lit Arowana tank had 600kg of lava stones inside. Do you enjoy setting up those big tanks?

Yes for sure, but it is very hard to get the good and big decoration for such tanks.

I guess it's not all scissors and tweesers in this busines, sometimes a lot of physical work is involved?

The most important was the feeling for the plants and the development of the tank. So the secret was to be a part of the tank to know what to do in the right time.

You've had great success in aquascaping contests, what is your favorite resault?

My tank at the AGA 2004 which winning the first place. Because it was the first time ever I use HC and some other so nice plants. This tank was like a dream and the plants grow like in heaven.

What do you think about IAPLC contest, judges criterias and how do you comment your IAPLC results?

That is very hard to judge such a big quantity of absolute nice tanks. It is great to have such high quality contest like IAPLC. For sure I love to see more risky not normal layouts in the future.

As one of ASE judges, how would you rate a quascaping sceene in Europe?

I think in the next 3-4 years Europe will come much more closer to the “Asian Aquascaping World Leaders”. I think we have a big chance in Europe to show the aquascping world what kind of big aquarium culture we have.

Will you be entering a contest anytime soon?

I dont think so, maybe only at “Art of planted Aquarium” in Germany/Hannover. The live contest, I love it because it is very special....and I love to show my special layouts over there.

Your ''fantasy layouts'' are sometimes criticized, what is the story behind those tanks? Where does the inspiration comes from?

Mostly it was a funny thing to make something different. Sometimes I have to do such crazy thing to keep my mind free. So take it easy if you see something like that, hate it or love it

Do you ever have big algae issues when setting up a tank? What would you say are the main things to look out for when setting up a tank to avoid algae?

For sure I also have algae problems sometimes...but maybe less then the average aquascaper. So the best was to start with low till medium light tanks to get experience in planted tanks. Then later you can try a real aquascaper tank with 1 Watt per liter, if you have the passion and the time for it.

What fish do you prefer in your tanks?

More small then the big one. And the natural fishes which are made by nature, not too much the breeding fishes where are only the color was important.

Did you ever get interested in reef aquaristics?

I still make it few year ago but I decide to made my real passion planted aquariums. But maybe in about 3-4 i will reform the reed aquaristic with my own “Oliver Knott reef aquascapes”. Let see.

Message for our readers?

I wish you the passion and the fun to making nice and lovely aquascapes.
Try to be different and find your own style...that make you happy!

Yours Oliver Knott.

Author: Luka Zanic

Objavio ibanezfrelon u 19.05.2011 00:27
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